Victorian Ski Fields in Australia

Located among the majestic Australian Alps, the Victorian ski fields accommodate Australia’s greatest number of ski resorts. The fields provide an outlet for wintry fun during the southern hemisphere’s cold season. The area is an ideal location for skiing fanatics to vacation. This is especially true for those who live in the northern hemisphere, where the oppressive heat of the summer months coincide with Victoria’s refreshingly colder winter months.

Perhaps one of the most well-known resorts in the fields’ history began at Mount Saint Bernard. This spot where it was founded was along the path to the Victorian gold fields. In 1863, the resort began as an area hospice, providing end of life services to those who wished to live their remaining days surrounded by the beautiful glory of nature. A year later, the hospice grew in size and welcomed recreational skiing enthusiasts into its fold. Unfortunately, the resort burned down around 1930, although not before establishing its place in the annals of Victoria’s ski resort history.

Being the largest ski resort area in Australia, ski lifts are abundant in the Victorian ski fields. Mount Buffalo is known for having the very first ski lift in the area, completing construction of it 1936. Today, however, the most popular ski lift belongs to Victoria’s largest ski resort in Falls Creek.

Ski enthusiasts from around the world can appreciate what Australia’s Victorian ski fields have to offer. The area is full of rich history, pristine beauty and, most importantly, an abundance of skiing fun.