New South Wales vs Victoria

The rivalry between New South Wales and Victoria is largely unwarranted since both states have so much to offer Australia natives and visitors. Both states are home to largely populated metropolitan capital cities. They also share similar terrains and climates. However, New South Wales and Victoria have unique cultural attractions and natural resources that make them distinct.

Features of New South Wales

New South Wales, which was founded in 1788, is Australia’s most populous state. It is home to large cities like Newcastle and Sydney. The topography and climate of New South Wales are very diverse and include subtropical to oceanic coastlines, alpine mountains, forests, and semi-arid plains. The state offers a pleasing cross roads for travellers traversing other parts of Australia.

Cultural attractions in New South Wales mostly revolve around the state’s capital city of Sydney. The harbour in which Sydney sits provides a scenic backdrop for the area’s many activities. The beautiful Royal Botanical Gardens, the architecturally pleasing Sydney Opera House, and the Sydney Seafood School are just a few things to see and participate in while in New South Wales. The area is known for its outdoor activities and beaches too. For example, McIvers Baths at Coogee beach still has some old-fashioned, ladies only bathing spots which have operated since the 1800s. New South Wales offers a unique mix of hip metropolis, fascinating history, and outdoor adventure.

Victoria: Second Only in Size

Victoria broke away from New South Wales and became a separate state in 1851. While much smaller than New South Wales, Victoria is still a very populous state. Its small size is often a disguised blessing for visitors who want to maximise their holiday itineraries. Tourism is a major industry for Victoria but agriculture, financial services, manufacturing, and defence are some other industries supported by Victoria’s population.

Victoria is known for its many natural resources and historic sites to include mineral springs, beautiful coastlines, breathtaking mountains, and nostalgic gold rush towns. The capital city of Melbourne has a slightly more cosmopolitan ambiance than Sydney because of its heavy influx of diverse immigrants. The city is home to nearly three-quarters of the state’s population and boasts extensive rail transportation operations which make it easy for visitors to explore the state.